Why educationalists?

“Teachers should avoid acting as a sage on the stage. Instead, they should be a guide on the side, facilitating learning experiences for their students.”
– trendy educators everywhere

We hear it all the time these days. It’s a familiar, though not new, refrain in K-12 classrooms all around the country and is starting to be more prevalent in higher ed environments as well. It is argued that the guide on the side approach is more student-centered and promotes active learning. Some say the sage on the stage approach is antiquated and ineffective.

I disagree.

American classrooms need fewer educators passively “guiding” activities on the sidelines of learning experience in hopes of naturally self-motivated students taking the reins and achieving great things. We need more professionally trained, well-read, actively-researching teachers who are experts in their field and lead their classes with confidence and conviction.

We need educationalists.

With a strong belief in the science and craft of education, and a slight bend towards social education and educational technology, this site will serve as a space to organize my thoughts and experiences in education. Short weekly posts and links to additional resources will characterize my efforts to advocate for a sage on every classroom stage.

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